Features of the island of Bali for 7 months of stay

1. Locals in the tourist area recognize tourists by their facial expressions.
2. The chaotic traffic in Bali confuses foreign drivers more than driving on the left side of the road
3.  Balinese, like most Asians, enjoy spicy food, so be cautious in your choice of spicy dishes.
4. Never agree to the first price offered by a street vendor, as often it's 2-3 times higher than what you can ultimately pay.
5. Bali has a wide variety of fruits, but approximately half of them are imported, so be prepared for higher prices compared to local produce.
6. Bali is known as the Island of Gods. The locals constantly hold ceremonies and prayers, and they also believe in ghosts and spirits.
7. While traveling around the island on a scooter, you can come across many unplanned and interesting sights. Allow time for stops, and don't forget your raincoat
8. Bali is an island of karma, and its speed is very high here. So, leave all negative thoughts on the plane.
9. English is spoken mainly by the residents of the tourist zone, so be prepared to explore the Balinese language if you venture a bit further beyond the southern part of the island. Initially, it may be challenging, but as a tip, memorize words and combine them meaningfully, and you'll be understood.
10. Balinese people and hurry are incompatible; they don't recognize deadlines and rush.
11. Bali is home to poisonous snakes and mosquitoes carrying diseases, which is perhaps the only downside of the island.
12. Bali is known for its mesmerizing sunsets and sunrises, and once a year, during the Balinese New Year, you can witness an incredibly beautiful starry sky.
13. After getting used to riding a scooter, don't rush to relax; usually, the first accident happens at this moment.
14. And, of course, surfing is everywhere here. It's talked about, watched, and it's in every element of decor, clothing prints, and graffiti, not to mention refrigerator magnets.
15. Bali is a place where you can hear your thoughts.
16. Be sure to try Balinese cuisine, don't be afraid to experiment, and you'll surely find something to your taste. However, be cautious as most dishes in local eateries are very oily, and they universally add MSG. Don't hesitate to communicate your preferences.
17. Bali relaxes, sooner or later, it draws everyone into its magical vortex, so be prepared.
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