Entertainment Kitas

Are you a musician, singer or DJ, actor, dancer or athlete, music or art director planning to perform in Bali?
Or maybe you are a member of one of the creative professions and want to spend the winter in Indonesia legally earning money from your art?
Then the Entertainment KITAS is for you!
What are the advantages of this visa?
A representative of one of the professions on the list gets the right to stay in Indonesia and work here for 6 months.
Requirements for the design of an Entertainment KITAS:
1. A passport with at least 18 months validity;
2. A photograph on a red background;
3. A diploma of education relevant to your profession;
4. Bali residence address.
- It takes 1-2 months to obtain a visa;
- Visa can be applied for online;
- Issued for 6 months without the possibility of extension.
The cost of processing is 20 million rupiah (~1.255$) +750$ taxes.
Get your visa before the hottest season in Bali - New Year!
If you have any questions about visa application, please contact us:
via Telegram - @legalindonesia / @LegalIndonesiaBot 
or via Whats App
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