Day of Purification - Banyu Pinaruh

This holiday is celebrated on the day following Saraswati Day. In Banju Pinaru, Balinese people head to beaches, rivers, springs, or other water resources to cleanse themselves physically and spiritually. The ritual begins at dawn, with the appearance of the first rays of the sun.
Balinese people sing prayers and make offerings to the gods. Then they proceed to the water and perform the ritual of sacred cleansing. Not only locals but also tourists can join this tradition, as long as they adhere to temple rules if the cleansing takes place in a temple, and observe general decorum if it happens on the beach.
Photo:Bali Express
Balinese believe that besides cleansing the physical body, during Banju Pinaru, a person washes away negative thoughts and any darkness that might have resided in their heart and mind. And this purification takes place not only through water but also through the wisdom acquired from the previous day of the goddess of knowledge - Saraswati.
Photo: Nusa Bali
Due to the 210-day cycle of the ritual Balinese calendar called Pawukon, the day of Banju Pinaru is often observed twice within our European year. In 2019, it falls on December 8th, and in 2020, it will take place on July 5th.
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