The holidays of Sugihan Jawa and Sugihan Bali are preparations for Galungan

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Before one of the biggest holidays of the year, Galungan, the Balinese celebrate many other significant days related to it. Among them are Sugihan Jawa (Sugihan Jawa) and Sugihan Bali (Sugihan Bali). In 2021, they fell on November 4th and 5th.
Sugihan Jawa and Sugihan Bali are considered sacred days by Hindus, suitable for rituals of cleansing the great universe (macrokosm) or bhuana agung, as well as the small universe (microcosm in the form of a human) or bhuana alit.
"The cleansing of the bhuana agung macrocosm is done by cleansing nature from litter, preserving nature, as well as cleansing prayer sites to make them look pure for offering ceremonies," explains Priest Jero Mangku Ketut Maliarsa from the Campuhan Windhu Segara temple.
"It is believed that the sacred day of Sugihan Bali cleanses human nature itself (bhuana alit), often referred to as the microcosm. This increases the physical and mental purity in a person," says the priest.
The word "Sugihan" comes from the word "sugi," which means cleansing, and has the suffix -an, which means "to do."
The word "Jawa" in the name of the Sugihan Jawa holiday comes from the word "jaba," which means "outside" or "surrounding nature." The word "Bali" in the name of the Sugihan Bali holiday comes from the word "kembali," which translates as "back" and signifies the return of a person to their nature," explained the philosophy of the holiday names Priest Jero Mangku Ketut Maliarsa.
The cleansing of human nature and the individual is carried out through the ceremony of sacred cleansing (melukat) at holy springs, at the confluence of rivers, and on beaches.
"Equally important is the cleansing of negative processes in the mind, applying religious teachings about truth," the priest added.
Purification is important for the Balinese in anticipation of Galungan Day, which signifies the triumph of order (dharma) over disorder (adharma).
Galungan will take place in Bali on November 10th. It will be preceded by the holidays of Penyekeban (November 7th), Penyajaan (November 8th), and Penampahan (November 9th).
After Galungan, the Manis Galungan (November 11th), Pemaridan Guru (November 13th), Ulihan (November 14th), Pemacekan Agung (November 15th), Buddha Paing Kuningan (November 17th), Penampahan Kuningan (November 19th), and Kuningan (November 20th) holidays will follow. They are part of the Galungan festival series.
According to Hindu belief, the victory of dharma will be achieved if Hindus practice self-purification and consistently apply true teachings.
By doing so, they will carry physical and mental purity. This will also influence the purity of the Universe, allowing the attainment of harmony, peace, and prosperity.
Source: Tribun Bali
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