Climbing Mount Agung

Place of Power in Bali
Agung is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia and the highest point in Bali, reaching an elevation of 3,142 meters above sea level. Locals believe that gods reside at the volcano's summit, referring to it as the "Great Mountain."
With Agung, numerous legends are associated, all emphasizing that the volcano protects Bali from evil forces and serves as the spiritual center of the island. Pilgrims and tourists have always sought to conquer it. Ascending Agung is a challenging ordeal even for individuals with excellent physical fitness.
You'll need to climb a steep, rocky slope at a 45-degree angle. The ascent takes between 4 to 6 hours, and the descent is the same. Throughout this time, your knees undergo significant strain.
But the sunrise at the summit of the "Great Mountain" is worth it! Beyond the clouds, where the gods reside, you'll witness the sun waking up and touching the earth with its first rays. These are magical moments! Additionally, at the summit, you can literally peer into the abyss – the volcano's crater.
Our company provides certified guides, crucial for such an exciting journey. Our goal is to make your ascent as comfortable as possible.
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