Bingin Beach

The atmosphere and ambience
First and foremost, Bingin is a pleasant, atmospheric surfing spot. It's perfect for watching sunsets and spending time with close friends.
To the south and north of Bingin, at low tide you can go to places with picturesque boulders.
The water
The beach is not very suitable for swimming; you can only swim during high tide when there are small waves. At low tide, it becomes too shallow. However, during low tide, the water is clean and perfectly transparent.
The shore is rocky and reefy. It's difficult to get into the water. This is a steep and quite challenging surf spot.
Light beige, large, similar to millet.
Weather and tides
The beach is heavily influenced by the tides. At low tide, the water goes far and leaves a rocky bottom with oddly shaped depressions.
During the rainy season, sand is washed away from the beach very intensively and the beach becomes narrower. But in the dry season, the sand is washed back by the ocean.
During the rainy season, currents bring plastic to the beach.
The descent to the beach is via steep steps along the cliff. The entrance to the beach is not very difficult but somewhat convoluted. You need to descend down steps that often wind and are in not very good condition.
While going down the steps, you may need to carry small children because the steps are quite rocky and might be uncomfortable for them. The pathways to the beach at the top start from narrow alleys.
Many people who live in guesthouses on the cliff surf right here. It's quite a tight-knit community, it feels like everyone knows each other.
Payment is only collected for parking on the cliff near the beach - 5,000 rupees. The road from the parking to the beach is quite winding, but you can follow the signs and ask people for directions.
On the cliff, there is a wide variety of accommodations, including some that are not expensive at all. If you're looking to find an affordable guesthouse where you wake up to a bedroom overlooking the ocean, or where it's just a 5-minute walk to the beach, it's probably worth exploring the area around Bingin.
There are many cafes above the cliff that do not stand out for their cuisine, but the dishes are priced like in a restaurant.
There are surfboards for rent on the beach.
There are rescuers, they mark the safe place with flags. Sometimes there are snakes in the rocks.
At low tide you can go both to Dreamland and in the other direction to the Imposibles spot and Padang Padang.
Not far from the beach there is a Cashew Tree restaurant with very tasty organic food, a pleasant atmosphere and periodic live concerts in the evenings.
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