Beautiful observation points (“view points”) on the Bukit Peninsula

Exciting views that make you feel like a small grain of sand in this vast world. In our selection of viewpoint locations in Bukit, you will find perfect spots to contemplate the endless beauty of the ocean and the wonderful sunsets for which Bali is famous.

Happy sunset or Jaran Hill

Today, it is the most popular place in Uluwatu due to its distance from the busy road, free parking, and a cozy meadow that creates a unique romantic atmosphere.
The stone-paved road will lead you to an informal parking area, which is unpaved and quite bumpy. We recommend parking your bike as soon as you see the spot in the photo below. If you arrive directly at sunset, there may not be any other choice, as this location usually attracts many visitors.
Further, you need to follow the trail until you see the paved road again, turn right, and then you will be rewarded with a beautiful view.
In your navigator you can indicate Jaran Hill, you will just pass this building on the way to the cliff.
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Bulgari Cliff

Turning towards the Bulgari Resort sign, further down the road, you'll also find a place for enjoying views and sunsets. A well-paved road will lead you directly to the cliff. Be cautious and attentive on your way, as there might be loose sand, and cows could be wandering around.
In October 2022, a house was built on the meadow, and a small area was fenced off for private use.
However, the construction did not spoil the place at all, and there are still several areas where you can comfortably settle down.

Blangan Cliff

Like on other cliffs, on clear days, both locals and visitors gather here for the sunset. There are also areas designated for ceremonies, including weddings. So, before taking a spot for the sunset, make sure that no events are taking place and the location is not rented for that time.

Karang Boma Cliff

The wildest cliff on the list. Most of the meadow has been taken up by the construction of a new lounge, judging by its size. Nevertheless, the place is still very secluded. Getting to the edge of the cliff won't be so easy, as the asphalt road will turn into rough gravel.
Therefore, be cautious and drive at a slow speed. Passing the construction site, you will find a path on the right that will lead you directly to the cliff.

Hidden area cliff

A half-abandoned asphalt road will lead you straight to the place.
The highlight of this point is the musical accompaniment coming from Savai. There is an old staircase leading down, but it is partially in disrepair and may not be trustworthy. It's a questionable spot for sunset during the rainy season, as the sun sets considerably to the right, and the club's structure obstructs half of the view.

Hill Dreamland beach

One of the easiest ways to find a place to sit down to see off a beautiful sunny day.
This hill attracts as many spectators as the Balangan Cliff. Here, you can have a picnic and, at the same time, watch the surfers.

Bingin view point

The entire slope of the cliff behind the villas in the Bingin area is now accessible for sunset viewing. The panorama is magnificent, offering a view of the entire coastline up to Balangan and the coast on the left side.
In fact, there is a construction site going on here and the entrance to the clearing is closed by a barrier, but this does not stop everyone.
Parking is free for now; visitors simply park their bikes along the road near the entrance.
The clearing area is very large and stretches down towards Dreamland. Here you can have a picnic for a group or organize a yoga class - in any case, there is enough space for privacy.
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