Apple opens New Developer Academy in Indonesia

Apple CEO Tim Cook will visit Bali on April 20th. The purpose of the visit will be to inaugurate an academy for training application developers. It will be the fourth in Indonesia and the first on the island.
Students at Apple Academy undergo a 10-month training program in programming, design, and acquire related professional skills. The location of the educational institution in Bali has not been disclosed yet.
Currently, the Apple Academy operates in three locations in Indonesia: in the suburbs of Jakarta, in Batam, and in Surabaya. The company is confident that training high-tech professionals will expand the country's opportunities in the field of digital modernization. At the same time, Apple continues to increase its investments in the Indonesian economy.
The opening of the Apple Academy in the suburbs of Jakarta, 2018.  Photo:
The opening of another academy by the American tech giant was confirmed by the Minister of Communication and Information of Indonesia, Budi Arie Setiadi. During a working visit to the Apple Indonesia office in Tangerang Regency, he stated that the establishment of world-class modern educational institutions helps develop digital talents among youth and create applications and services that can be beneficial to society.
"Digitalizing the state has four requirements: first, a digital society, digital government, digital economy, and finally, digital infrastructure. The most challenging aspect is digitizing society, which may require efforts and opportunities for people. We want to see how technological progress can be used to create a more productive society," explained Budi.
Budi Aryo Setiadi, Minister of Communication and Information of Indonesia. Photo:
The Indonesian minister admitted that he discussed with Apple Academy how to develop human resources in the digital era. He was impressed by the implemented learning system.
"Here, young people are educated under the concept of CBL – a program based on challenges. The learning is complex, but they know what they want," Budi said. "When good talents emerge, it contributes to strengthening the digital society."
"We should not only be users but also initiators and driving forces," emphasized the Minister of Communication and Information of Indonesia.
Interestingly, the head of another technology giant, Microsoft Corporation, Satya Nadella, also plans to visit Indonesia, three days earlier than his colleague from Apple.
Nadella's visit to Indonesia will continue the collaboration between the Ministry of Communication and Information and Microsoft, which began several years ago. It includes discussions and the transfer of technologies and knowledge for Indonesia's technological transformation.
Satya Nadella and Djokovi Widodo at the Digital Economic Forum in Jakarta, 2020 Photo:
"We will again discuss how to implement technologies and knowledge for Indonesia's digital transformation. This is our main goal," said Budi Arie Setiadi.
He emphasized that artificial intelligence technology, actively developed by Microsoft, will cover all new areas of life. Therefore, active cooperation with the industry is necessary.
"Whether you like it or not, artificial intelligence will continue to develop, so we need active cooperation and participation of global players; we must work together," he concluded.
Deputy Minister of Communication and Information, Nezar Patria, expressed hope that cooperation with Apple and Microsoft will have a significant impact on Indonesia.
When it comes to investments from international corporations, the Indonesian authorities focus on two main directions — human resources (HR) and manufacturing.
The heads of Apple and Microsoft also want to meet with the President of Indonesia. Both of them even sent letters to the government of the country regarding this matter.
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