Animal Protection Organizations In Bali. Shelters And Foster Care For Animals

Bawa (BAWA, Bali Animal Welfare Association) Main Office
on the map - Ubud
The Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) is a non-profit organization based in Ubud. Its goals are the rescue, protection, and improvement of animals' lives in Bali.
BAWA was founded in 2007 by Janice Girardi and Indonesian veterinarian Dr. Dewa Made Dharma.
BAWA provides animals with food, medicine, shelter, rehabilitation, and adoption services. If you have extra time, BAWA also welcomes volunteers. Additionally, you can support the organization through one-time or monthly donations.
Bark (BARC 4 BALI DOGS - Bali Adoption Rehab Center)
There is an animal shelter and a veterinarian who can give good advice about your pet.
These people work hard to give these dogs a second chance.
Villa Kitty Foundation
on the map - Ubud
Founded by Elizabeth Hensell in 2011, the shelter is run by a team of volunteers.
Despite the name, Villa Kitty also sometimes takes in abandoned dogs.
Elizabeth and her team are very welcoming and appreciate people coming to visit to pet the kittens.
Want to visit Villa Kitty or join Sunday brunch? You can contact Villa Kitty Foundation at
There are over 350 cats and kittens of all ages here and available for adoption.
on the map - Jembrana
+62821 4638 0270
Bali Reptile Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates snakes throughout Bali. Many animals are losing their natural habitat, and snakes are often found in people's homes and gardens. The organization can be contacted day or night to help remove snakes with minimal stress to both the homeowner and the reptile. In addition to donations, the organization also runs snake tours in West Bali, where there are still wild populations of snakes.
Bali Sea Turtle Society
on the map - Kuta
The Bali Sea Turtle Society helps protect turtles and educates people through a conservation program.
They guard turtle nests, protect turtle eggs, and release turtles into the wild.
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