Abandoned Plane on Ngurah Rai

What explains some people's love for abandoned objects? The desire to wander through abandoned hotels, empty amusement parks, and search for decommissioned airplanes. All this excites tourists in Bali who do not like well-trodden paths.
What is the main reason for this? The desire to be unique? The attempt to abstract oneself from reality, to feel for a moment the freedom from the obligations and experiences of ordinary life? Fantasies about traveling to other worlds? Dreams of feeling like the only person on earth who survived after the apocalypse? Love for the mysteries of abandoned places and attempts to unravel their history? Or simply the use of such places as decorations for photos?

The Story Behind the Abandoned Plane on Ngurah Rai

Once, Arif came to Surabaya to see decommissioned airplanes. He could not bear the sight of these proud and majestic birds, which once cut through the sky with breathtaking speed. And now they stood dejectedly on the ground. He bought one of the planes to give it a new life. Again full of guests, smiles, and excitement.
This story began about 8 years ago. Arif, a Garuda airline pilot, lived in Jakarta and loved to fly. And thoughts about airplanes didn't leave him even on the ground.
Arif dismantled the plane and loaded it into containers. He transported the plane to a new location in Bali and reassembled it. His pet stood behind a fence for a long time, hoping for a miracle.
In 2018, the fence was removed. Arif's employees began to gossip that four containers would be brought here by June, and the whole area would be turned into a terminal, where a restaurant would be located.

The Future of the Abandoned Plane on Ngurah Rai

Long or short... The terminal has not yet been built, and there is no sign of the containers. But you can approach the plane. And by paying the parking guard 50,000 rupiahs, you can even climb into the plane via a staircase, walk around its empty cabin, and take pictures on its wing.
This place is still shrouded in mystery. But soon this veil may be lifted, and it will turn into an ordinary tourist attraction. Until then, the abandoned plane on Ngurah Rai BaiPass remains a favorite spot for adventurers and photographers alike.
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