11 Great Inventions Hailing from Indonesia

Agreed, it's quite challenging to consider Indonesia as a country of outstanding scientists and great inventors; nevertheless, some inventions that are used by thousands of people worldwide originate from here. Intrigued? Let's go!
Undoubtedly, you must have recognized this most popular quick-cooking Indonesian noodle variant, which has long been admired by people worldwide. In our terms, it's the familiar "Instant Noodles"! Its relatively low cost and the rich taste of curly vermicelli have made this product widely consumed both within Indonesia and beyond its borders. In the local version, Indomie comes in a multitude of diverse flavors: spicy chicken curry, fragrant soto (Indonesian broth), juicy rendang beef, crispy fried chicken, and many others.
The soy product Tempeh is gaining increasing popularity as a healthy protein alternative in the vegetarian or vegan diets of Indonesia's residents. However, long before it started appearing on lifestyle bloggers' channels and entered the global market, the ancient inhabitants of Java Island had Tempeh as a staple in their daily diets. They knew that this valuable protein source in the form of a delightful cake was rich in dietary fibers and vitamins, all thanks to the natural fermentation process involved in making Tempeh.
    Coffee candies Kopiko (Kopiko coffee candy)
Long before Starbucks appeared on every corner, Indonesians created their own way of consuming caffeine. They invented coffee candy, which is considered quite unique outside of Indonesia and is exported to at least 90 countries worldwide. Despite its miniature size, Kopiko candies have a strong coffee aroma and a powerful energizing effect, much like a cup of good coffee.
Jamu is a traditional herbal drink in Indonesia. It possesses valuable properties for alleviating various ailments, a fact confirmed by centuries of experience by local healers.
For the creation of certain modern medications, Indonesian pharmaceutical companies actively utilize the Jamu formula. This is how Tolak Angin and phytotherapeutic remedies for treating colds are produced. The incredible effects of these medicinal products have made the so-called Jamu medicine popular in many Asian countries, in Australia, and even in the Netherlands!
Batik is a centuries-old craft of applying designs to fabric, practiced in many parts of Indonesia. Different regions of the archipelago have their own philosophies, designs, and techniques that contribute to the richness of this artisan tradition.
Among the vast array of exquisite fabrics, you can find examples of Batik with national, Chinese, Indian, and even European or religious-specific patterns. Its authentic motifs and deep cultural significance have long made Batik a popular souvenir for tourists who want to bring something special back from Indonesia.
                                 Polygon Bike
This massive and durable bicycle was released back in 1989 without any brand or other identifying marks. The majority of the batch was imported and sold under various different labels in other countries. Over time, the bicycle manufacturers noticed a high demand for their sports equipment and established their own brand – Polygon. Since then, they've been supplying their products to customers under their own name and take great pride in the history of its origins. Thanks to its high quality and cool design, Polygon bicycles are chosen by many world-class athletes for participating in the most challenging competitions.
                               Beef Rendang
Long ago, the recipe for Beef Rendang belonged to the Minangkabau people in Indonesia. Now its popularity has spread across the entire country and even far beyond its borders. The tender meat combined with flavorful seasoning quickly captured the hearts of many food enthusiasts worldwide. A dish that was originally intended for special occasions and local ceremonies is now available to anyone in restaurants and at street food stalls. To create a truly delicious Beef Rendang, chefs invest a considerable amount of time in its preparation, as it's crucial for the meat to absorb all the spices and acquire an unforgettable spicy aroma.
                    Kopi Luwak (Luwak coffee)
Kopi Luwak is rightfully considered the most expensive coffee in the world, and it has earned this status due to a rather unique preparation method. The history of the beverage goes like this: during the colonial era, a farmer noticed that the excrement of a local civet contained intact coffee beans. Believe it or not, the farmer cleaned and brewed these beans, creating a distinct coffee flavor. Later, it was discovered that this taste and aroma result from the fermentation process of coffee cherries in the digestive system of the civet.
                                  4D scanner
The technology known as Expanded Computed Tomography in Volume (ECTV) allows for the imaging of particles in four dimensions inside chemical reactors. This Indonesian-origin invention was initially developed to discover new sources of energy. The technology, pioneered by Dr. Warsito Purwo Taruno, facilitates experiments in various scientific fields, from medical research to nanotechnology.
                                Magno Radio
This wooden radio is immensely popular worldwide due to its vintage design. Many owners of this marvel of technology believe that the waxed wooden material, without any additional coating, enhances sound quality, making it richer and clearer. Today, many Magno radio devices are keeping up with the times, equipped with a dock for connecting to an mp3 player, an SD card slot, and more. The product, which originated in Temangung (Central Java), now has three global distributors in Asia, Europe, and the United States.
                               4G Technology
While Khoirul Anwar from Indonesia cannot be considered the inventor of 4G technology in a global context, he is credited with creating an important component known as OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), which was later used in the creation of the overall 4G system. Without delving into details, his patented discovery significantly enhances the efficiency of modern communication devices.
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