The Bali Hope Ultra

Denpasar • Денпасар
Денпасар, Denpasar City, Бали, Индонезия
What to Expect
Participating in the Bali Hope Ultra means committing to the full 7-day event. The cost is all-inclusive, starting at US$3500 for a shared room. Early bird rates begin at US$3150. This fee covers everything from your arrival in Bali. Upon signing up, you gain access to personalized training support, connections with fellow team members, and individual guidance on maximizing your Bali Hope Ultra journey.
About the Bali Hope Ultra
Taking place from May 21 to 27, 2025, the Bali Hope Ultra invites you to join a small team for an overnight coast-to-coast double marathon. Beyond the physical challenge, you'll contribute to uplifting a community out of poverty and share in an extraordinary 7-day experience in Bali.
Cost & Registration
The event fee encompasses 4- and 5-star accommodation, hospitality, race entry and logistics, event attire, photography, and on-event transportation throughout the entire week.
Pricing varies depending on accommodation preferences:
1.Shared room (all-inclusive)
-Early bird: US$3150
-Standard: US$3500
2. Private room (all-inclusive)
-Early bird: US$4050
-Standard: US$4500
3. Single runner with non-running partner (private room, all-inclusive)
-Early bird: US$4950
-Standard: US$5250
Participants opting for early bird rates must initiate a monthly payment plan (typically spanning 10 months) within 1 week of registration.

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