Menstrual magic

Jimbaran • Radiantly Alive
Feb 7, from 11:00 to 14:00
Jl. Jembawan No.3, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
4.5 / 424
Discover the transformative potential of embracing your innate cyclical nature. The menstrual cycle can be a source of power and magic. This is not something we often hear as women growing up. Instead, it's easy to believe that our cycles are something messy, unstable, or unwanted. This was her experience, especially with the added burden of endometriosis. She used to dread menstruation and barely paid attention to my cycle until the end of the month. At best it was distracting. At worst, she was bedridden in pain. Until she discovered the power of realizing the menstrual cycle and the cyclical nature of life. Now her cycle is her ally. It is a guide that helps her be more genuine, more creative, more compassionate and more in tune with her needs. This practice has even helped her change her relationship to pain. This compelling three-hour experience is designed to help you unlock the creative power of your menstrual phases. In a world that thrives on linear thinking and rigid schedules, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery that celebrates the beautifully complex rhythms of your body. Imagine having an inner map to help you live and work not only sustainably, but in harmony with your body's innate wisdom. This workshop is a compass that will lead you to a deeper connection with the natural ebb and flow of your energy. The phases of your menstrual cycle are like chapters in a book, each with its own unique story and potential. Hidden within these phases are many creative possibilities waiting to unfold. In this workshop, you will learn how each phase offers different opportunities for inspiration, innovation and self-expression. We will introduce you to practical techniques that will enable you to unlock your creative potential, fostering a new understanding of the creative ebb and flow within you. In a world that often values constant productivity and ignores our natural rhythms, it's time to reclaim our energy and vitality. This workshop offers a deep dive into self-care techniques that will revolutionize the way you approach each phase of your menstrual cycle. Stop for a moment and think about the pace of modern life - constantly moving forward, relentlessly striving for more. Now imagine leaving that treadmill and embarking on a path of self-care where productivity matches your body's natural rhythms. This workshop will be your sanctuary of rebirth, where you will discover a treasure trove of self-care practices that meet the unique needs of each menstrual phase. Through guided exploration, you will learn how to nourish yourself during reflection and harness your energy during dynamic periods, leading to a harmonious blend of productivity and recovery. Join us in rethinking ideas about productivity, creativity, and self-care. Embrace your cyclicality, rewrite your story, and step into a life that honors the symphony of your body's cycles. Your journey of empowerment and connection begins here.
Workshop Highlights:
- Conquer Procrastination: learn how to work with your natural flow to increase productivity and creativity during busy periods.
- Develop self-compassion: turn your inner critic into an ally as you gain insight into practices that cultivate self-love and acceptance.
- Embrace discomfort: find strategies to overcome discomfort and turn it into personal growth during difficult moments.
- Connect with Community: connect with like-minded people and share experiences in a supportive, inclusive environment.
Join us as we explore the art of living in harmony with the ebbs and flows of your body.
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