Makepung Buffalo Race

Ubud • Jembrana
Jembrana, Jembrana Regency, Bali, Индонезия
The Makepung Bullock Races, also known as the Negara Bull Races, are a longstanding tradition in Bali, deeply rooted across generations. This event derives its name from the Balinese word 'kepung', which translates to 'chasing', akin to a steeplechase where bulls chase each other in a thrilling race.
What makes this race unique is its ability to blend the island's agricultural lifestyle with traditional culture, now transformed into a modern tourist attraction. It significantly impacts Bali's economy, particularly in agriculture, as local farmers rear bulls specifically for these annual races.
Various tracks are spread throughout the district for preliminary rounds, culminating in a central location where farmers gather in their respective sekaa makepung groups, celebrating with lively festivities.
On the finals day, spectators gather eagerly to cheer on the racing bulls. Besides the races, visitors also enjoy a distinctive event called the 'buffalo fashion show', where adorned bulls compete in a best-dressed competition.
The Makepung Bullock Races start early, typically at 7:30 am, running from June to October on Sunday mornings. The exact dates vary each year, making it essential for attendees to arrive promptly to witness this thrilling cultural spectacle firsthand.

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