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Donate Your Blood

Apr 25, from 10:00 to 13:00
Jl. Subak Canggu No.2, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Индонезия
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Tropical Nomad, in collaboration with Kasih Ibu Hospital and Palang Merah Indonesia, is joining forces to spread love through blood donation. By donating your blood, you can share the miracle of life with those in need. Have you ever considered the incredible benefits of donating blood? Here are some simple yet compelling reasons why it's so crucial: 1. Saves Lives: Your donation can be a lifeline for patients recovering from surgery, trauma, or battling conditions like anemia or cancer. It's like becoming a real-life superhero! 2. Boosts Heart Health: Giving blood reduces harmful iron levels in your body, lowering the risk of heart disease and enhancing circulation. It's a win-win for your heart! 3. Replenishes Blood Supply: After donating, your body quickly replenishes the lost blood, stimulating the production of fresh blood cells and keeping you healthy and invigorated. 4. Free Health Check-up: Before donating, you'll receive a brief health check, including blood pressure and hemoglobin measurements. It's akin to a mini health assessment! 5. Feels Amazing: There's immense satisfaction in knowing you've made a profound impact on someone's life. Your donation could provide someone with another chance at life, a truly rewarding experience! Event Details: - Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024 - Time: 10:00 AM - Venue: Tropical Nomad Canggu Participant Requirements: - Participants must be at least 17 years old. - Minimum body weight of 45kg is required. - For women: No menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. - Ensure at least 6 hours of sleep and avoid staying up late. - Tattoos must be at least 1 year old. - Not currently on any medications. - Free from infectious blood-transmitted diseases. - Must have normal blood pressure and hemoglobin levels. Be a Hero, donate your blood and make a difference!  

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