BTR Sunday Trail

Denpasar • Bali
Feb 4, from 07:00 to 17:00
Bali, Indonesia
4.5 / 11214
Greetings to all Runners, We're excited to announce the return of BTR SUNDAY TRAIL!
Hey hey hey!
This time around, our BTR Sunday Trail adventure will lead us to the breathtaking waterfall area nestled in Gianyar Regency!
Throughout 2024, all the routes for our Sunday Trail have been nothing short of spectacular, and this week's edition is no exception.
Join us this week as we embark on a training session heading towards Gianyar Regency. Our meeting point will be at the parking lot of Taman Sari waterfall, Gianyar Regency.
Prepare to traverse some damp and muddy terrain with awe-inspiring views along the way! Our route will take us past several renowned waterfalls along this trail.
But wait, there's more!
This edition is particularly special for those seeking a challenge with a long-distance run, covering 42KM.
It's not your typical road run—it's as tough as nails! Come join us and experience the thrill!
Date/Time: Sunday, February 4th, 2024 Distances: 14KM, 30KM & 42KM Time: 07.00 - Finish
Please take note: This is a bi-weekly training session organized by Bali Trail Running, not a competitive race. For details regarding the BCA BTR Ultra 2024 race, visit @btrultra.
As rainy weather is beginning to set in Bali, if conditions become overcast or rainy during the training session, we recommend taking a shortcut to the asphalt road or stopping altogether. It's not advisable to continue, especially crossing rivers.
Remember to pack waterproof essentials to ensure your belongings stay dry. Be Relentless, Be Relentless, Be Relentless!  

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