Ubud Traditional Spa

Type of place
One of the best spas in Bali with professional therapists. The rooms are beautiful, clean, and air-conditioned. Additionally, oil diffusers are placed in the rooms, making the atmosphere even more relaxing. Guests are greeted with lemongrass tea, and you can choose your own massage oil.
The place is quite popular, so if you want to get a massage on the same day, it's best to book early in the morning. That way, there's still a chance the therapists will have a few available slots.
Additionally, the spa is not very conveniently located— it's a 15-minute drive from Ubud's center. They are in a small traditional village. So, it's better to book first and then head out.
However, if at least two people book a massage, they may arrange a free transfer. If it's just one person, a small fee for transportation will be charged.
-traditional Balinese massage (60 minutes) - IDR 216,000,
-reflexology (60 minutes) - IDR 170,000,
-royal massage (60 minutes) - IDR 390,000 (two therapists perform the procedure simultaneously, combining various massage techniques),
-rice farmer's massage (60 minutes) - IDR 234,000 (based on a traditional massage a farmer receives from his wife after a long day in the field, the procedure uses a mixture of coconut oil and organic sea salt).