Trihita Alam Eco School Bali

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Phone: +62 812 3880 2767
Teachers at Trihita Alam Eco School strive to create a happy, caring, and stress-free atmosphere for everyone in the school community, develop a healthy sense of self-esteem in each child, teach children sustainable practices and development, enhance active participation, communication, and collaboration between parents and the school to build constructive partnerships that lead to student achievement.
Accepts children from two years old:
Pre-School (2-4 years)
The Trihita Alam Eco Pre-School is divided into the following age groups:
PLAYGROUP A (PG-A). Age: 2-3 years.
PLAYGROUP B (PG-B). Age: 3-4 years.
Play is a key aspect of learning in this age group. It is how children explore the world around them, continue to discover new things, and develop. Through play, children acquire the skills needed to become confident and independent learners.
Kindergarten (5-6 years)
The Trihita Alam Eco School Kindergarten is divided into the following age groups:
KINDERGARTEN 1 (K-1). Age: 5-6 years
KINDERGARTEN 2 (K-2). Age: 6-7 years
In kindergarten, we build on learning experiences by providing an appropriate curriculum that fosters their propensity to learn and develops the skills and competencies they need for success in school and later in life.
At the kindergarten level, the learning process is enjoyable, challenging, and helps motivate children to have a positive attitude towards school.
They learn to work in teams, develop socially, have a wide range of opportunities for motor skill development, and their imagination and natural curiosity are stimulated.
Through play-based learning, children communicate in various ways: talking, expressing opinions, negotiating game rules, and taking turns.