Soil Food Temple

Type of place
Soil Food Temple is a health food store in Bali, known for its wide range of organic products, superfoods, and eco-friendly goods. The store aims to offer its customers only the highest quality and most beneficial products, supporting local farmers and sustainable farming practices.

Product Range:

  1. Fresh Products: Organic fruits, vegetables, and greens grown on local farms.
  2. Superfoods: Spirulina, chlorella, maca, raw cocoa, goji berries, chia and flax seeds.
  3. Groceries: Grains, nuts, seeds, spices, and other essential cooking ingredients.
  4. Healthy Snacks: Vegan and gluten-free snacks, nut bars, and dried fruits.
  5. Beverages: Organic juices, smoothies, coconut water, herbal teas, and natural energy drinks.
  6. Natural Supplements: Vitamins, minerals, and other health-supporting supplements.
  7. Home Goods: Eco-friendly cleaning products, reusable kitchenware, and sustainable living items.
  8. Personal Hygiene: Natural skincare and haircare products, as well as eco-friendly hygiene items.