SEAN Spa Bali

Type of place
Sean Spa Bali offers treatments that not only restore beauty but also heal. The center features a space with a classic interior, decorated in light shades. There are no separate massage rooms; the beds are divided by curtains, so you can hear everything around you. In addition to traditional massages, spa, cleaning, and scrubs, you can also enjoy manicure services here. The staff are highly qualified professionals who know their job well. Visitors praise the cozy atmosphere, the cleanliness of the salon, and the friendliness of the staff.
Every month, the salon offers promotions, which can be found on the website or by phone. A one-hour massage session costs 90k. A two-hour pregnancy massage costs 180k. A two-hour hot stone massage costs 240k. The salon also offers several spa packages starting from 310k for 2.5 hours. For couples, there are romantic spa programs starting from 640k for 3 hours. Besides pedicures and manicures (from 80k), there are services for the removal, correction, and extension of eyelashes. Prices start from 30k.