Sanur Independent School

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WA: +62 81239315989
Sanur Independent School is a multicultural school offering education to children from kindergarten to 7th grade. The school provides a Western education in English to both foreign and Indonesian students.
Education takes place in a disciplined, yet friendly and fun environment.
Admissions are open to children of all nationalities who have a basic knowledge of English.
The school uses educational materials from a wide range of countries, including Australia, America, Indonesia, and Britain, to ensure an easy transition for students planning to return to their home environment.
To be eligible for admission to Sanur Independent School, a foreign student must be the legitimate child of a foreign expatriate parent who is temporarily working and residing in Indonesia and has a work and residency permit. The applicant must have a foreign passport and a residence permit (KITAS) or be in the process of obtaining one.
All lessons at Sanur Independent School are conducted in English. Parents are required to provide additional tutoring to develop basic English skills.
Educational Programs:
Early Childhood Curriculum
The program covers children from four to five years old and supports the transition to school education. This structure provides broad guidance for early childhood educators to facilitate children's learning. It guides educators in making curriculum decisions and assists in planning, implementing, and evaluating quality in early childhood settings.
The playgroup and Kindy teachers use learning outcomes, principles, and practices to ensure quality and consistency in teaching this group.
Sanur School uses the preparatory year as a transition to primary school. This is the year of education when students develop basic skills, knowledge, and understanding to ensure a smooth transition to school education. By allowing students to learn through play-based methods, they can explore and develop their own knowledge and understanding with teachers guiding and enhancing their learning.
Primary Curriculum (5 - 6 years)
Sanur Primary School follows the Cambridge International Curriculum. Sanur School creates opportunities for all students to acquire skills, knowledge, and understanding in various subjects to provide them with a comprehensive education and opportunities for success.
Subjects offered in the primary years program throughout the year include mathematics, English, science, design and technology, creative arts, visual arts, and physical education.