Montana del Cafe

Type of place

A unique place on the hillside with panoramic views, serving coffee, pastries, and traditional dishes.

When visiting Montana Del Cafe, you will be spoiled not only by the charming natural landscapes but also by the design of this place, which is beautiful, modern, stylish, and definitely Instagrammable. 

The menu is very diverse, offering Indian chicken tikka masala, tacos, truffle pasta, and Korean croissants. Burgers, sandwiches, bagels with salmon, eggs Benedict, and even oysters. Delicious pastries and desserts. I believe it will satisfy any taste, even the most discerning visitor. 

You can sit both inside and outside, but a significant downside to having breakfast outdoors is the many flies! 
You can also go down to the lower floor, where it's quieter but still beautiful! 

Be sure to bring a warm windbreaker or hoodie.