Crate cafe

Operating hours: not specified
Type of place
Mega-popular breakfast cafe in Canggu!
- Crait’s popularity is easy to explain: a fashionable crowd, a creative menu and presentation, hearty portions and all dishes at fairly reasonable prices (taxes included).
- moved to a large and spacious space and “re-opened” in the fall of 2017 in a new location. The space has become much larger, and the opening hours are longer; now they are open until 18. And now the space has also become cultural, they hold exhibitions, and launched their own line of clothing and accessories
- the preparation is standard, the trick here is rather a beautiful presentation and a good combination of price = quality
- convenient ordering system at the counter (no need to wait for the waiter); chose - ordered - paid - received the order number - found a place - brought the order. Service depends on the number of orders, but in general, they arrive quite quickly
- own large and free parking with security, who carefully puts special covers on the bike from the sun and dust. Cute)
- there are a lot of people, the main thing is to grab a free table or even just a chair)
- the menu on the wall has a lot of abbreviations for avo/avocado, strawbs/strawberry, etc., for those who are not “in the know”, it’s better to take the menu on the counter. No special food designations: vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan or raw food
What to try?
1. CHIA BLUEBS - blue chia pudding) Unusual!
2. Mangolicious - fruit smoothie bowl impressively decorated with papaya balls, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts
3. Veto - for lovers of eggs for breakfast, in fact there are many options with eggs, I liked the combination of mashed avocado, salmon, egg and feta cheese on toast
4. Colorful smoothies. They mix it interestingly. Two timer - two-color smoothie made from dragon fruit and kiwi. A big plus for all drinks is the use of natural papaya straws, no plastic.