Highscope Indonesia Bali

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HighScope believes in individual differences. A school should be a place where these differences are acknowledged and should do what is best for children. A school is a place where students can express their uniqueness and are given the opportunity to take control of their own learning.
Learning is more than just knowing basic facts or subjects. It's about acquiring a set of life tools that one will use throughout their life. Learning should be seen as a road leading to the future, with students actively moving along this road to reach their goals. The best way to support them is by preparing them for their future.
HighScope Bali aims to facilitate and guide students throughout this journey with its current three educational programs: early childhood, elementary, and middle school programs.
Educational Programs:
Early Childhood Educational Programs
Early Childhood Education: 1.5 - 2.5 years
Preschool: 2.5 - 5 years
The HighScope Indonesia curriculum focuses on teaching and fostering positive character from an early age. It promotes learning by creating a nurturing environment that builds genuine relationships and helps young children learn about the world and how to interact with others. HighScope develops children's social and emotional skills by allowing them to freely express their feelings and enhance their imagination and creativity. Under professional guidance, young children are introduced to interaction, problem-solving, manipulating objects, and participating in activities.