Hammerhead Fitness Gym

Type of place
If you can prove to the manager that you live in Bali permanently, you can get a club membership. The manager says they check the visa in your passport or if you have a KITAS. In that case, the cost of training will be significantly lower for you.
Coaching Staff: The gym has 6 personal Indonesian trainers. Their professionalism is high. One personal training session costs around 350,000 rupiah.
The cost is negotiated individually with the trainer and is not fixed, depending on your agreement. Subsequently, the trainer gives a certain percentage of this amount to the gym. The cost of a personal session does not include entry to the gym itself.
There is a Muay Thai instructor - Kru Raktai, with 20 years of experience. There is also a boxing coach - Usman, a three-time national champion. Sessions with them are by appointment. You can book through the managers.
Equipment (cardio/machines/free weights): A huge selection of machines for all possible muscle groups.
There are brand new machines from Hammer Strength as well as older Icarian ones, but all are in excellent working condition.
Equipment in the weight room includes: Chest Press, Decline Press, Pectoral Fly, Lat Pulldown, Bicep Curl, Assisted Pull-up, Lateral Raise, Ab Leg Raise, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Seated Hamstring Curl, Hip Abduction, Standing Calf Extension, Horizontal Calf Extension, Back Extension, Dual Adjustable Cable Pulley, Cable Row, Incline Press, Shoulder Press, Rear Deltoid Fly, Seated Row, Tricep Press, Assisted Dip, Back Extension, Dip bar, Hack Squat, Lying Hamstring Curl, Kneeling Hamstring Curl, Hip Adduction, Seated Calf Extension, Glutes, Ab Crunch and more.
Most machines are available in pairs to avoid queues. Free weights include barbell racks, adjustable and non-adjustable benches, and power racks in the free weights area. 15 kettlebells from 6 kg to 24 kg, 10 pairs of dumbbells from 1 kg to 10 kg, 20 pairs of dumbbells from 12 kg to 40 kg, and 10 pairs of dumbbells from 42 kg to 50 kg.
Two standard toilets. Two showers separated by soft curtains from the changing room. Only cold water is available.
Group Classes: There are only evening classes once a day. They take place in the main hall from 18:00 to 19:00. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - Zumba; Tuesday and Thursday - Pop Dance. The manager says group classes are not commercially interesting, hence their limited number.
Pool: none
Bonuses: WiFi. There is a cooler with free drinking water in the gym. Small towels are provided.
Audience: Due to the significant discounts for Indonesians, 60-75% of the visitors are Indonesian. Many Indonesian women work out here. During peak tourist season, more foreigners join. Foreigners on Google Maps reviews complain about discriminatory pricing, with higher prices for foreigners compared to Indonesians. The management's stance is that prices for foreigners are not higher; instead, locals get discounts because they earn less than visiting tourists.
Cleanliness: A dedicated staff member constantly cleans the gym, and the machines are spotless.
Temperature and Air Conditioning: Despite the large number of machines, the gym is not cool.
Music: A pleasant selection of R'n'B music plays in the gym.
Advantages: Excellent range of equipment for all types of workouts. Good flooring. Many fitness professionals train here.
Disadvantages: The group class area is right in the main hall. Machines are placed quite close to each other. Managers are not very friendly and respond as if they are doing a favor. The fitness center building looks like it has seen better days.