Green Bowl Beach

Open 24/7, no days off
Type of place
This is a surfing beach and is almost unsuitable for swimming unless you are a surfer. There are a few caves where you can hide from the sun.
Swimming is problematic, there are sharp rocks everywhere and very strong currents. Swimming on this beach is highly discouraged.
Green Bowl Left: A staircase with 300 steps leads to the spot. There are warungs at the top where you can leave your things, and parking is paid. The left wave works well at tides from 0 to 1 meter and needs a size of 3 feet. The wave is left and gentle at the start, quite calm, and does not tube. It is very sensitive to chop and storms.
Green Bowl Right: A powerful, fast, right wave. Sometimes it tubes. Not recommended for beginners. The best tide is 1-2 meters. It gets quite strong after 5 feet, and only experienced surfers should go there. The reef is quite sharp. Green Bowl has the strongest channel in Bali, so be careful! Swimming here is not advised; you could drown.