GARASI Garden & Kitchen

Type of place
Garasi Restaurant offers an authentic Indonesian dining experience with its traditional Javanese joglo roof, steeped in history from serving generations of a Javanese family for 150 years.
After being relocated from Java to Bali in 2010, it now crowns the restaurant as a symbol of heritage.
Nestled in a serene setting, the restaurant provides two distinct areas: a smoke-free indoor section and garden tables where smoking is allowed.
In the evenings, the garden ambiance is enhanced with enchanting lighting and candles, creating a romantic vibe complemented by tables adorned with traditional patterned fabrics.
Specializing in local Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, Garasi also offers Asian, Thai, and European dishes, including grilled meats like Australian ribeye, seafood, and fish.
Notable dishes to try include Bebek Bali, Beef Rendang, and the indulgent Black Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk dessert.
Guests can savor Bali wine and a variety of cocktails amid a 10% tax rate.