Colabo Coworking

Type of place
A spacious venue for various events and entertainment with a fairly large coworking space. The vOffice virtual office network collaborated with the center to create high-quality workspaces.
The perfect solution for those who like to mix work time with interesting activities and engaging with like-minded people.
A huge list of weekly activities makes Jimbaran Hub more like a social club than an office.
These can include yoga, visiting a skate park, participating in professional events, or simply having lunch.
The coworking space itself is designed without distracting bright accents. It features long tables with compartments for each workspace, office chairs, and power outlets with multiple ports for various devices.
The surrounding area meets all the standards of a well-organized space, with a green lawn, outdoor spots for yoga, and of course, traditional Balinese statues and decorations.
A one-day visit costs 80,000 IDR, with weekly passes available for 600,000 IDR and monthly passes for 1,000,000 IDR.