Air Terjun Kuning

Type of place
Dusun Kuning is located 4 kilometers south of Bangli city. The height of the waterfall is about 20-25 meters. It is a rather quiet waterfall, and even many locals are unaware of it.
You need to make some effort to reach this waterfall. From the village of Umaniyur, the path goes through fields, which takes about 20 minutes to walk to a cliff by the river. From the cliff, you need to descend to the waterfall. Be careful: the trail is quite challenging and dangerous. You need to climb down backward, holding on to tree roots. Additionally, the trail is partially overgrown with grass and bushes. There are no steps or handrails.
It is better to visit the waterfall in the dry season because the slope is quite slippery and may crumble. Dusun Kuning flows down the cliff in a powerful stream. At the bottom, it forms a lagoon for swimming. The water from the waterfall flows through huge rocks and empties into the river.