9 Angels & 9 Bambu

Type of place
Located on the way to Ubud, this vibrant café, akin to a hippie commune, is a haven for travelers and expats of all backgrounds.
It operates on a trust-based self-service principle: guests choose their dishes from a buffet, calculate the price, pay cash into a jar, and clean up after themselves.
The friendly owner, Tony, fosters a creative atmosphere with various donation-based events and workshops where guests can share their skills in music, dance, and other practices.
For those in financial difficulties, meals can be exchanged for help in the café.
The café offers low-priced natural food without MSG; free private parking; no Wi-Fi; and amenities like hammocks and swings, making it kid-friendly.
However, it's not for everyone—those used to service and comfort or those who are very neat might find it unsuitable due to its casual cleanliness and sometimes limited and inconsistent menu.