Trekking, cycling, tubing, and much more in the heart of Bali

Dear guests of Bali.Live,

In Tampaksiring, a new hiking spot has finally opened officially. A huge thank you to the 25 brave souls who dared to be pioneers and contribute to the creation of truly worthwhile Balinese adventures.
So, after meticulous preparation, we start to conquer the heart of Bali and gain new experience as follows:
1. Trekking through the rice fields and jungles. We will explore all the subtleties of expressing rice, find out why the spirits are revered in Bali and everything is done according to the stars, and immerse ourselves in the pristine Balinese traditions and culture. And also, we'll warm up and have a good laugh.
2. Cycling through local villages, rice fields, and, if desired, even jungles, tangerine plantations, and much more.
3. Visiting the sacred temple of Tirta Empul or Surabaya Temple. We will learn all the features of the local Balinese Hindu religion, and take a bath in the sacred springs, which, according to legend, cleanse and rejuvenate the entire body and give life force. After the hot weather, a delicious, refreshing whole coconut gives even more strength :)
4. Tubing on the river in the jungles, the vegetation of which is included in the UNESCO protection program (very rare), swimming under the palm tree trunks, past the waterfall, and swirling in the bubbling streams. Very bright sensations.
5. And finally, the crowning glory of the program for lovers of authentic hardcore. Plowing a rice field, directing a plow pulled by two giant cows. No time for boredom!
Anyone interested, join us to try something new and feel like a real Balinese!
You can join one of the activities or several at once. For details on terms, transfers, etc., write to the private messages or call: +62 878 620 16 812
See you!
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