Swing mania. The best places in Bali with swings. Where are there beautiful swings in Bali?

More and more often, travelers' Instagram feeds are filled with photos on swings in Bali. Above the jungle abyss, over the shallows of the beach against the backdrop of the sunset, above the twin lakes.
What explains the widespread "swingmania"?
Firstly, swinging on swings is enjoyable. In the womb of a pregnant woman, the baby rocks along with her movements. After the baby is born, they are rocked to soothe them. Subconsciously, swinging brings a person back under their mother's heart, into care and protection from any danger, comfort, and tranquility.
Swinging induces a small amount of adrenaline, which causes a slight fear but also brings immense joy.
Secondly, it's beautiful. The image of a fragile girl hovering above the abyss, held only by a couple of ropes, subconsciously speaks to us of determination, adventures, and freedom.
An adult on a swing reminds us that we all remain a bit childlike in our souls and can suddenly do something mischievous.
An image of lovers on swings indicates that despite the ups and downs in life, strong and deep feelings keep these people together.
Where in Bali can you find places to awaken your adrenaline on swings and take romantic or mischievous photos?
1. Charlie's Chocolate Factory
The factory is located on Jasri Beach. On the premises, there are large swings attached to coconut palms, overlooking the ocean.
The swing is simple, made of plastic rope and a seat. You just need to sit on the swing, grab the ropes, and fly. After swinging, you can enjoy hot chocolate with pancakes at the factory cafe. Additionally, the legendary goose lives at the factory, which visitors can pet and hold.
Visiting this place can be combined with a trip to the east of Bali - to the Water Palace Tirta Gangga, Taman Ujung, Virgin Beach with white sand, Lempuyang Temple, and snorkeling in Amed and Tulamben.
The swings are open from 9:00 to 17:00.
2. Zen Hideaway
Zen Hideaway is a hotel in Ubud known for its swings on coconut palms. Swinging on these swings offers breathtaking views of the Ayung River, a small waterfall, rice fields, picturesque valleys, and Mount Agung.
At Zen Hideaway, it's not possible to book a time slot for less than a day. 
3. Bali Swing
http://baliswing.com is a real mini-park for swinging on swings, having lunch, and taking photos in decorations specifically created for Instagram enthusiasts.
At this location, three companies operate, each having a portion of the magnificent cliff, swings, and tourists as a result. There's chaos and confusion in pricing. According to the latest reports from the frontlines on the second swings, which are still quite extreme but not occupied by Chinese package tourists, you can swing for $35. Payment is accepted in Indonesian rupiahs. Beyond that, it's as the cards fall and as your talent for bargaining guides you to the most advantageous conditions.
Guests are offered swings ranging from 5 to 20 meters in height.
You don't need to worry about safety; riders are secured with insurance.
In addition to swings, there are various nests that you can try on if you still haven't figured out what kind of bird you are.
4. Terrace River Pool Swing
"Besides the three types of swings (of varying heights) that take your breath away, here you'll find an incredible view of the jungle during your flight. There's a place for coffee tasting and beautiful panoramic spots where you can take very beautiful photos that will remind you of your vacation on this island and warm your heart." (@princessinbali)
5. Observation deck between lakes Buyan and Tamblingan
Riding these swings can be combined with a trip to North Bali, passing through the town of Bedugul with its botanical garden, the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple, past three mountain lakes to the old northern capital of Bali, Singaraja, and the resort town of Lovina.
The viewpoint with swings can be found if you drive past Lake Buyan. However, it's not to the realm of the glorious Sultan, but to Lake Tamblingan. I hope this confusion helps you remember the names of the lakes. Or it may confuse you. In any case, it's one of the two. The swings are called Wanagiri Swing or Wanagiri Hidden Hill.
In addition to swings, many other decorations have been created here - a straw nest, a strange straw whirl, a straw boat, and the pride of Balinese aviation - a straw helicopter.
6. Tegenungan Waterfall
Swings at one of the most accessible waterfalls in Bali appeared not so long ago. The entrance to the waterfall area is purely symbolic. In addition to experiencing the power of the waterfall, you can take mischievous photos.
7. Tegallalang Rice Terraces
Rice terraces are beautiful in their own right. They are somewhat closer to tourist areas than Jatiluwih, a UNESCO-protected site, but they are no less impressive. For those who enjoy wandering through fields, this place is a true paradise. You can descend down the slope, take a walk surrounded by lush green rice fields, and then ascend to the terraces on the opposite side of the canyon.
Be prepared that along the entire route you will be greeted by small posts of local residents collecting here and there different amounts for the passage.
8. Nyang Nyang Beach
If you're vacationing on the Bukit Peninsula or planning to visit it, you might have the desire to visit this beach. Let's start with the downsides. To get to it, you'll have to descend about 600 steps down to the beach below the cliff. This beach is not suitable for swimming. During high tide, the waves will be too strong, and during low tide, bathing in the shallow waters, you'll risk getting injured by sharp corals.
The huge pluses of the beach are that it's not crowded, and for several years now, there's been a shipwreck resting on it adorned with graffiti - another Instagram-worthy attraction. And of course - swings.
9. Gili Trawangan Island - sunset western part
If we don't count sunbathing on the beach, snorkeling and diving, hanging out and dancing in bars, and bike rides as activities, there isn't much else to do on Gili T. Island. So, all that's left is simply to be and enjoy it.
That's why, to entertain themselves somehow, some of the vacationers head to the western beach of the island closer to sunset to watch the sunset and, of course, take photos on swings.
There are many swings here. Almost every bar has its own. Single and double swings. With carved arches and minimalist designs.
There are swings and a hammock for those who still haven’t decided which is cooler. But the most magnificent thing is the background of the photographs, which creates a magical atmosphere in the photographs.
10. Gili Air Island
On Air, it's even quieter than on Gili T. It's a calmer version of Gili than Trawangan. It's chosen by those who have heard talks that Trawangan is filled with nothing but partygoers, but still want to see these islands and escape the hustle and bustle of the touristy south of Bali.
There are even fewer activities here than on Trawangan. Understandably, there are fewer hangout spots as well, so swings wonderfully rescue from idleness.
11. Cheningan Island
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