Gynecologist in Bali

Gynecologists in Bali are plentiful, but finding experienced doctors with positive reviews can be challenging. While there's a good understanding of doctors specializing in pregnancy/birth/cesarean, there are fewer reviews for gynecologists specifically. We have compiled a list of doctors and clinics with good recommendations, mostly located in Denpasar.
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Kasih Ibu Gynecology Department (Branches in Denpasar, Gianyar, Tabanan)

Doctor Prayacita Mahendra conducts examinations, takes tests, and has extensive experience in diagnosing various gynecological conditions, including oncology. Offers ultrasound (USG) and other diagnostic methods. Proficient in English.
They also have a reproductive and pregnancy planning department.
For appointments and consultation fees, contact via phone +6281138206505 (WhatsApp).

Bunda Hospital (PCIA Bunda, Denpasar)

A new clinic with pleasant service, providing gynecological consultations, as well as pregnancy and childbirth care.
Doctor Naivah Harharah speaks excellent English and some Russian. Highly regarded as a calm and knowledgeable specialist.
Positive reviews also for Doctor Arresta Vitasatria Suastika.
Consultation costs start from 275k IDR, consultation + USG from 300k IDR.
Offers 3D and 4D ultrasound (400k IDR and 1.1 million IDR, respectively). The only hospital offering a proper three-point glucose tolerance test for pregnant women, unlike the usual two-point test.
For appointments, fee inquiries, and scheduling, contact via phone +62 818 356-455 (WhatsApp). They also have a user-friendly English website with a WhatsApp chat option: Bunda Denpasar

Puri Bunda Women's Clinic/Maternity (Tabanan, Denpasar)

More than 20 gynecologists work in the clinic. Doctors Vikananda Ratna Sitangsu and Wayan Adhi Pramartha speak English, have extensive experience, and receive good reviews. The cost of examination + ultrasound starts from 400,000 IDR regardless of the presence of KITAS. Many expats also choose Puri Bunda as a maternity hospital. The cost of natural childbirth starts from 6 million IDR. To check the schedule and make an appointment, contact via phone +62 812-4667-9755 (WhatsApp).

Bali Royal Hospital (BROS, Denpasar)

Several gynecologists provide consultations with good equipment for tests and ultrasound. There is an app for self-appointment. Dr. Hariyasa, known among expats, specializes in pregnancy, childbirth, and cesarean. He does detailed and competent ultrasound screenings during pregnancy. Good reviews and fluent in English. The consultation cost at the clinic starts from 400k IDR. For appointments, contact via phone +62 813-3755-0555 (WhatsApp). Positive reviews are also for Dr. Evert Pangkahila, an expert in pregnancy management and prenatal diagnostics. He assesses the risk of chromosomal abnormalities and preeclampsia using FMF criteria. Apart from BROS, he conducts private outpatient consultations in his office location 
Contact via phone +62 811-3884-052.

Klinic Aura Putri (Ubud)

Several gynecologists are available, and ultrasound and maternity services are offered. Good reviews for Dr. Raka Budayasa, who provides gynecological and midwifery services, speaks English, and has significant experience. The consultation cost starts from 200k IDR. To schedule an appointment, contact via phone +62 812-3663-0500 (WhatsApp).

Siloam Hospital (Denpasar)

A multi-profile large hospital with a maternity ward, 24/7 emergency, and an above-average price range. Dr. Made Surya Kumara is communicative, speaks English fluently, and utilizes both Indonesian and English sources of information. Gynecological consultation and ultrasound for pregnancy and childbirth are available. Presence of the husband is welcomed. There is a separate room for colposcopy with biopsy if needed. Examination costs from 720k IDR, depending on the doctor and the issue, with KITAS from 400k IDR, with KTP from 350k IDR. Contact Siloam via WhatsApp at +62 818 0297 9900.
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