Gynecologist in Bali

Finding a good gynecologist can be challenging. However, based on reviews, the following are among the most highly recommended:
  • Kasih Medica Women's Clinic
  • Puri Bunda Maternity Hospital
  • Prima Medika Clinic

Kasih Medica Women's Clinic

Located in Denpasar, this clinic receives mainly positive reviews. Dr. Hariyasa has a good reputation, providing prenatal care and childbirth services to expat women. However, some patients have complained about his inattentive approach. Show your social card or KITAS card for a potential 50% discount.
Phone: +62 813 5334818

Puri Bunda Maternity Hospital

This hospital, located in North Denpasar, specializes in pregnancy and childbirth services. Their prices are the same for all patients, whether or not they have KITAS. They have all the necessary equipment and facilities. The initial check up and ultrasound will cost no more than 150,000 IDR. The cost of natural birth and basic rooms ranges from approximately 5,000,000 to 12,000,000 IDR for cesarean and the best rooms.
The hospital staff speaks English. They have 15-20 doctors, all of whom are listed and will assist you in finding an English-speaking doctor.
Phone: +62 361 437999, +62 361 433988

Prima Medika Clinic

This clinic, located in Denpasar, has good gynecologists and state-of-the-art equipment, with more affordable prices than Siloam. KITAS holders are entitled to an even greater discount.
Phone: +62361236225
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