Experience the Unique Art Exhibition 'Neuro Conflict' in Bali!

This weekend, from July 12 to 14, the Superlative Gallery in Kuta will host an extraordinary exhibition titled "Neuro Conflict." Here, you can explore a unique blend of art and modern technologies, including neural networks.
Main Idea of the Exhibition
Each of us possesses a tool that can direct our lives in different directions: negative or positive. Modern technologies can either lead to the complete collapse of civilization or to incredible harmony. At the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to explore various perspectives on the future through digital artworks by artists from over 30 countries.
This unique event is dedicated to the prospects of modern technology development and its impact on the future of humanity.
- Exhibits:
It will feature works by international artists, interactive art installations, engaging lectures on artificial intelligence, as well as performances and an auction.
- Themes:
Visitors will have the chance to explore both positive and negative aspects of science development and humanity's future.
Art group KVAZAR is an international association of artists from four countries. They create their works by combining traditional art forms such as dance performances and sculptures with modern technologies like neural networks and VR/AR technologies.
Exhibition Program
- Digital artworks by artists from 30 countries
- Paintings and art pieces created by artists
- Interactive art installations
- Open lectures on educational development
- Dance performances
- Charity art auction
- DJ sets
The exhibition will be open to visitors from July 12 to 14 (1:00 PM - 9:00 PM). On the final day, there will be a lecture on art and AI (artificial intelligence) from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM and a DJ set (5:00 PM - 9:00 PM).
Charity Aspect
An important part of the event is its charitable activities. Anak Kita, the fund to which the event organizers will donate part of the proceeds from the charity auction, will open its first shelter in Bali in August for mothers in difficult life situations.
Ticket Information
Tickets can be purchased on Megatix for 150,000 rupiahs.
- WhatsApp: +62 8961 3127052
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