Besakih Temple: The Mother of All Temples

Immerse yourself in the culture of the Balinese people and visit the most significant religious site on the island - the grand Besakih Temple, located at the foot of the sacred Mount Agung.
Pura Besakih, the mother of all temples, is a whole separate world consisting of 22 temple complexes.
Here you can witness the most vibrant Balinese ceremonies, processions, and national costumes.
If desired, you can undergo a ceremony to cleanse your energy centers and have a personal conversation with the local monk, Manku. It is believed that he can see auras and adjust people's chakras. People from all over the world come here to have important discussions about their purpose or difficult life situations. This is a unique opportunity to connect with the spiritual world of the Island of the Gods!
You will also have the chance to explore the Balinese epic at the Kerta Gosa museum and the important part of Balinese life - the craft villages of artisans.
In this tour, you will visit 3 amazing craft villages, where you will see the process of creating wooden, gold, and silver products, as well as learn about the unique art of fabric painting using wax (batik).
You will have the opportunity to purchase local goods that will remind you of your vibrant Balinese adventure!
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