Art Museum Rudana in Ubud

Working hours: Mon-Sun, 9.00 - 17.00
Photo: The Sungu Ubud
Rudana is one of the most modern and newest museums in Ubud. It was founded in 1995 by passionate art collector Nyoman Rudana and his wife.
The museum collection consists of about 400 exhibits. The building itself was constructed following the principle of Three Angas (legs, body and head) and Three Mandalas (inner courtyard, middle courtyard and outer courtyard).

Art Collection

The museum displays an extensive collection of Balinese, Indonesian art and works of foreign artists. The most beloved and highly valued paintings in the museum are the works of Ubud and Batuan masters depicting rural life, landscapes and rituals.

Garden and Sculptures

Museum guests are greeted by a lush garden and views of rice fields. Sculptures of elephants are installed on lawns. Inside the museum, the exhibition is divided into three levels. The most notable works on the first and second levels are those of late Indonesian expressionist Affandi and talented contemporary Balinese artists Wayan Gunarsa and Made Wianta.
The museum's collection also includes several works by Antonio Blanco, whose home museum, representing other works of the artist, is also located in Ubud.

Classical Balinese Masters

On the third floor, works of more classical Balinese masters I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and Nyoman Sumantra are presented.


The museum periodically hosts exhibitions that introduce guests to the constantly evolving works of young artists.

Entrance and Shopping

The entrance to the museum costs 100,000 rupiahs. Some exhibits displayed in the gallery can be bought.

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