Rubber Time

Denpasar • Bali
Mar 3 all day
Bali, Indonesia
"Rubber Time" Sonic Performance Featuring Taeyoon Kim and Pande Wardina The sonic exploration by Taeyoon Kim and Pande Wardina is deeply rooted in the study of hearing and listening, inspired by Pauline Oliveros’s work: “Quantum Listening: From Practice to Theory (To Practice Practice)”.
This book delves into a critical examination of sound, challenging conventional notions of hearing and raising questions about the genesis of sound and the act of listening.
It urges us to ponder whether we are shaping the sounds we hear or if these sounds are shaping our listening. It proposes the possibility of a collaborative process between sound and consciousness.
The term "Rubber Time" encapsulates the theme we aim to convey through our sonic performance. This phrase playfully critiques the malleable nature of time as perceived in Balinese culture, epitomized by the local concept of 'jam karet' or 'rubber time', which suggests that time can stretch and contract, akin to rubber.
Initially, this notion may seem disconcerting, as it implies a lack of control over a fundamental aspect of time.
However, observation and immersion reveal a cultural tranquility and an innate sense of ease that accompanies this more fluid perception of time in Bali.
This collaborative sonic performance by Taeyoon Kim and Pande Wardina is presented by Nonfrasa X Desa X ROH.
Date: Sunday, 3 March 2024 Location: Nonfrasa Gallery For further details, visit: https://www.instagram.com/nonfrasa/  

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