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Kecak Dance & Bbq Buffet

Benoa (Nusa Dua) • Suku Restaurant
Jl. Pratama Jl. Nusa Dua No.168, Benoa, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Индонезия
4.6 / 135
Immerse yourself in the traditional Balinese culture and experience the mesmerizing Kecak Dance, performed by talented Balinese men using only their voices and body movements to create captivating rhythms and chants. This enchanting performance tells the story of the classic Hindu epic, the Ramayana, featuring beloved characters such as Rama and Shinta.
Accompanying this unforgettable experience is a BBQ-style buffet, showcasing freshly caught seafood, grilled meats, salads, soups, and more. Join us every Saturday from 7:00 – 10:00 PM at SUKU Restaurant and delight yourself in this sensory feast for just IDR 565,000++ per person. Contact us now to book your reservation and witness the beauty of Balinese culture firsthand.
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