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sun16may10:00 am5:00 pmSWASTI HEALING SUNDAYS and "ALL YOU CAN EAT"10:00 am - 5:00 pm Swasti Bali - Conscious Eco Village, Jl. Nyuh Bojog, Banjar Nyuh Kuning,Event type:WellnessDistrict:UbudEntry:PaidEvent's page

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For Adults Come, enjoy a relaxing Sunday and experience True Traditional Balinese healing and share with us a relaxing & Healing Sun-day.
We are inviting young souls from ages 0 – 120 to join us to celebrate Life, community and sharing. A beautiful day filled with healing, fun, creativity and connection.
An opportunity for you to receive healing or “Swasti” from gifted Traditional Balinese practitioners and support each other.
While children will participate in fun activities. ( See details below…)
Swasti SUN-DAY “Healing & Massages”
All Balinese healing sessions are by donations from the heart. We advise à minimum of 50k per healer, but of course give them what you feel they deserve. All Donations are for them
Balinese Healing Group sessions with Jero Suami, Pak Ketut Ajus or some others great Balinese Healers at the Energy Shala.
Each Sunday one or few Balinese healers, from our healers community will come and offer you to experience their true Healing protocols. Each time will be different but you will always get exactly what you need that day.
The Balinese healing process is based on the Balinese ancestor’s unique art and spiritualism.
We are creating this beautiful community of local healers, and we provide them a space to practice their talents and gifts, helping them also to generate some incomes for their families, in this difficult time. 100% of the donations you make is integrally for them.
You will be able to experience some traditional health protocols such as physical and mental exercises:
A simple technique that will work on your mind, senses and body to create a better inner- connection. it will clean your mind and help you to stay healthy, happy, kinder and more prayerful.
A process of healing that uses some Balinese letters (Wijaksara) as a medium to distribute divine energy (holy prana). Bali Wijaksara healing is not only use to heal illnesses, but also to accelerate business, generate positive aura, reduce negative feelings, build positive energy inside yourself or in your environment, your house, your room, your working area… etc .
The medias used in Bali Wijaksara Healing are water, flower and incense –
A treatment that focusses on self-healing through meditation with “Dadap” wood. It is known in Bali as “Magical wood” like a magic wand.
Balinese healing sessions is a traditional way to connect with true-self and to provide an ethical understanding of self-perpetuity (Tapa), self-control (Brata), Trust and belief (Strada), through these three methods, you will find your full identity and gradually understand your body and mind.
There will be 4 sessions each Sunday
• 10 am
• 11:30 am
• 2 pm
• 3:30 pm
Each session is limited to 8 spots.
Please confirm your session to guarantee your participation.
Through Whatsapp +62 812-3780-4005
or sign-up on the guest list in front of the Energy Shala upon your arrival.

Each week:
Palm Reading with Sang Ayu
Palm reading is a way to reveal the secrets of life. Several years ago, Ibu Yoga got a gift from the Buddha for the ability to read palm and uncover secrets. From the lines of your hands, she could predict your life message, your spirituality, health, love, fortune, descent, and character… And through this way, help you keep align with your soul.
Balinese Chakra Crystal Balancing with Yan Nik
Balance the aura with crystals / therapy.
Chakra balance is the process of turning the 7 main chakras through the medium of crystal stones, Yan Nik is one of the members in Pandawa who has the ability to balance the energy chakra through crystal media, and also cleanse the negative energy in the whole chakra body.
* Sessions will be happening all day from 10am – 5pm.
* Make sure you write your name in the sign-up sheet at the entrance of your desired workshop.
* Or you can also Book On Whats app +62 812-3780-4005
Swasti SUN-day “Amazing, Creative & Fun Activities for Kids All Day” Children will get to enjoy activities✨
such as:
Paint your own Maracas and bring it home…
As well as
✔Art Corner
✔Cardboard/ Popsicle craft
✔Recycled Paper Making
✔Play-dough Sculpting
✔Pool games
✔Kite making
✔Kid movies
& Much more.
100k includes a children’s pizza voucher and all activities.

Swasti SUN-day “All You Can Eat”! from 12 to 2pm
– Enjoy an all-healthy, all-organic, “All You Can Eat” Vegan Buffet at the Salad Bowl Bar and create your own Bowl for only 100k.
Swasti Salad Bowls has various choice of organic toppings:
Traditional Balinese Toppings,
Fruits, Healthy leafy greens from the garden such as moringa, gotu kola, ginseng…etc, veggies, nuts, grains, seeds, proteins, special Swasti dressings, such as our famous passionfruit dressing, or our jamu dressing.
You can enjoy it, at our beloved Swasti Cafe, on a sofa at the salted water pool or under a shadow of a tree in our magical garden.
For snack or dessert, enjoy a crepe at our “the Spell ” corner… chocolate, salted butter caramel… the Secret with caramelized apples, the monkey or the Girafe… choose the one which will make you sing…
In order to respect current sanitary protocols, group sessions are limited.
Please bring your masks but keep smiling..
To ease the flow of people between sessions & guarantee your space, please sign-up at your healing workshops and massages upon your arrival or on Whatsapp +62 812-3780-4005
All sessions of Balinese healers are buy donations from the heart (We advise a minimum of 50k per healer).
Come and spend a beautiful Sun-day with us
We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
The event will start at 10am & finish at 5pm
For all détails
Or for Bookiing
WA +62 812-3780-4005
See you on Sunday


(Sunday) 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Swasti Bali - Conscious Eco Village

Jl. Nyuh Bojog, Banjar Nyuh Kuning,

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